Friday, December 4, 2009


Personalized Search even for users that aren't signed in!

This worries me a little. They say it's seperate from those who have accounts and use that pc, but what I want to know is does it use any info at all from my account, for example if I search for wiki, and my most clicked link would probably be wikipedia. When I'm signed out, and someone searches for wiki, will my info affect their search results?

I don't really like this I see it as an invasion of privacy, yes it's a nice idea, in the fact that if you forget to sign in or you don't have an account then the search is tailored to you, but if someone else uses the computer then it pops up everything relevant to what you would look at, kinda creepy.

To make it less of a privacy concern they offered the ability to opt out of this service, however I don't think alot of users will even know about it and if they did they will wish they could disable it too!

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