Monday, December 7, 2009

Google Live Search

Google Just today released a new feature!
In Google search results you can now view LIVE Twitter posts, Google ranks the posts by relevance and by date. Unfortunately you still get spam tweets and re-tweets but it's okay.

Google's new feature does provide one great thing, up-to-date NEWS, yes people's twitter feeds are not always truthful, but you may find out information you didn't expect! Then that leads you to Googling something else to find out more on that topic.

I think that now that Twitter posts are included in Google, more users will use Twitter because their feeds will be seen.

Check out this feature by searching for the term Google

Personally I think the idea for the live search is cool and nice but it needs it's own place in search, like a lil box somewhere with those twitter posts, because it knocks the relevant regular search results down.

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