Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Chrome Extension

Google has released extensions to their Google Chrome web browser(the beta version), this isn't actually new news, they've had the extensions available in the beta version of the program for a
google chrome extensionsImage by kengo via Flickr
while now, but now they've released the Extension Gallery, you can now go through all of the extensions available for Google Chrome, just like you would for Firefox or the Google Toolbar. So far some Pretty nice extensions have come out for it.

Not only did Google Release extensions they added a Mac version of Google Chrome, it's not caught up to the current windows version of chrome but it's slowly catching up.

The amount of extensions already in the gallery is amazing. There are so many popular Firefox add-ons being ported to chrome!

Some of these include:

  • Gmail Notifier- notifies you of new emails.
  • Zemanta - currently my favorite extension for Chrome, it's a blogging tool.
  • Google Side-Wiki
  • Google Voice Notifier- notifies you of new voicemails and texts

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