Monday, December 7, 2009

Free Google Wave Invites

I have a ton of Google wave invites and the people I wanted to invite have accounts now and can wave so.. That means I'm giving out wave invites, I have several to give out, so the first 2 people to post on here get my nominations. Nominations seem to get received within 2 days from sending.

Google Wave is currently in a developer preview meaning they are really limiting who is allowed to get on Wave.

To view information on Google Wave check out the Google wave website

Rules for my Wave Nominations
  1. Anyone caught using multiple accounts to increase their odds of gaining an invite will be disqualified
  2. Some how cheating the system so you show as one of the top 2 posters gets you disqualified
  3. To get a wave invite you must post your Email address as a comment to this post, you may use a scrim URL in-fact it's highly encouraged, I want you to be safe.
I highly suggest using to hide your email address.

Winners will be announced on my blog and also the nominations will be sent as soon as I see your comment, and I check my blog alot. I don't care who you are all I need is your email address to send you an invite. You could be related to me I don't care you have to win legitimately to get one.

Have at it!

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