Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flash Arcade Sites

Everyone has been to a website where you can play flash games, atleast once it seems. I want to review them for you, here are some of the top flash arcade sites: Newgrounds, Miniclip, Crazy Monkey Games, and Kongregate Forgive me for missing many but there are so many that there isn't enough time to review em all.

Curiously this Flash Arcade site has had the beta symbol in it's logo forever, it seems to me they're pulling a Google, like Google did with their gmail and docs logos and what not.

Anywho the main features of Kongregate are that you can make an account, Share what games you play to others, you can share what are called achievements to other players, achievements are just like on Xbox 360, it's so cool and makes this site sooo addicting. Kongregate has quests, which are really just a series of achivements for you to complete to finish the quest.

Ever wonder who's a better gamer? you or your friends? the debate is over, on Kongregate you gain levels, the more games you play the more achievements you earn gain you levels. The Kongregate website itself is basically a game, you earn achievements, do quests, and gain levels, then you can also earn Kongai Cards basically Kongregate has a card game simalir to magic the gathering or yu-gi-oh only alot simpler. Kongregate allows you to earn the cards or buy them, to earn the cards you must complete a challenge, the challenges are special game achievements.

Kongregate also supports Developers quite a bit, they have a tip jar for each game where players can donate money to the creators of the games, they have developer forums, developer api, and other fun stuff!

Addicting as hell Kongregate is my favorite Flash Arcade!

Try Out Kongregate!

Newgrounds is where flash games really began to be such a hit. If I'm not mistaken I believe Newgrounds was the first flash game arcade. Anywho Newgrounds is littered with games, they have possibly the largest collection of games of any of the sites, they have toons and a huge community, People also share their music on Newgrounds tons of art, theres a Mature section if your interested in that.

Newgrounds is truly an entertainment world. For a long time internet memes were popping out of here like crazy, that's slowed down now but the site is still kick ass.

The quality and amount of games is immense.

CrazyMonkey is an awesome game site all the games are high quality and pretty addicting. This site is fully dedicated to games.

I have to say I keep coming back here to play Adrenaline Challenge and a few other addicting games.

Addicting Games has apparently been bought by Nickelodeon, I just found that out. Addicting games is one of the flash arcade sites that people first got introduced to flash games on. It has a huge selection of games and also has multiplayer games. It has a decent community feel to it.

Miniclip offers tons of games, has tons of classics. But not a very good community setup in my opinion.

However Miniclip has one nice feature they have a thing called Sketch Star which basically lets you make your own flash animation without any flash knowledge.

I don't like Miniclip a whole lot to be honest.

I'm sorry there are others I haven't added to my review but I don't have time to go through every site on the planet.

Out of all of these Flash Arcades Kongregate is the best in my opinion and Newgrounds is right up there too!

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