Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorating websites for the holidays

I've always loved decorating my sites for the holidays. I redesigned a site I made for my church this year to have snow flakes falling(they even collect at the bottom of the screen and melt), I added some Christmas lights too. You can easily see the lights below but faintly see the snow.

I also redesigned the website for a video game called Intialy Online. I think I did a good job on this site, I changed the entire header of the site so that the rolling hills are now mountains, I also added a snow effect, there is also a Merry Christmahaunakwanzika banner in the event box :)

It's been proven that decorating your site for the holidays is a good practice. Not only does it make your site look pretty, it shows your users that the site is active(staff are working on it all the time) it keeps your users happy, they see that and they will spend more time on the site.

If you see a site on the internet decorated for the holidays post a link to it or a screenshot in the comments, I want to see it!

To Web Developers: Give your site a holiday twist and share a link with me and I'll happily post about your site and you will get free advertising basically! :D


  1. You make a Great Point about letting users know your site is active. I think a lot of people overlook this. Many sites are obviously out-of-date. You know this just by looking at the recent items and posts. Here`s a simple "Holiday Look" I created just by changing the colors of my site at

  2. True that decorating sites for holidays make them look active and users like to spend more time on them.I liked your site decoration specially one which yyou designed for christmas.Thanks for the post.

  3. And thanks guys for the comments!


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