Friday, December 18, 2009

Creative Ideas for Web Devs to use Google Side-wiki to their advantage

I've come up with a list of ways you can use Sidewiki to improve your website.

For Blogs and News sites:
  • Comment on pages related to your blog or articles and provide links to your content, that way you will get visitors interested in what you have to offer.
  • Provide Background information on articles, information you covered in past articles related to the topic.
  • If you are a review site, post part of your review in a side-wiki entry for the page and have a link to your site, that says "More Info", basically add a link to your review on related websites.
For Web Apps:
  • Create a Side-Wiki Tour of your product
  • Explain special features using Google Side-Wiki
  • Get feedback about specific bugs and how to recreate them so you can fix them.
  • Highlight your Newest Features
For Game Clan/Guild/Team/Group sites:
  • leave comments on other sites related to the game you play, and link to them for your guild members(for example, if you play WoW, leave a side-wiki entry on a WoW related site and link your guild to it so they can reap the benefits)
  • On RPG sites, go to the class page of the game you play, and make comments about good Character setups/builds. Link them to your guild mates.
For Online Stores:
  • Offer Coupon codes in the Side-Wiki, your users will praise you for it and it will boost your sales!
  • Highlight whats on sale
  • Allow users to comment, rate, and leave reviews, on your items using Side-Wiki
For Sites that give out Awards:
  • Post the Award image on the site that you wish to reward!
  • Go to sites that are eligible to win an award and setup a link to vote for that site on your site.
For All sites:
  • Talk about your Organization's history, talk about your sites history.
  • Use it to allow Users to make your website more Correct, (for example if you accidentally made a mistake and say something like "Swine flu is spread by eating pigs" your users can comment saying "Technically Swine flu cannot be spread by eating Swine, please correct this.")
For Artists:
  • Post links to your artwork on sites related to your art.(special techniques, styles...etc.)
  • Comment on another Artists work
For Musicians:
  • Post Links to your Music on sites related to your music.
  • Comment on another Musicians Work
For Fan-sites:
  • Leave a link to your site on the main site that you are a fan of.(For example, your site is a fan site for Muse the band, you make an entry on their official site with a link to your site.)

Is a site pretending to be your Organizations official site?
  • Leave an entry on that site informing users that is not your site and that that site may attempt to steal their personal Info.
Web Directories:
  • Allow your users to visit the page you have in your database, and use side-wiki to give them a link back to your site, also you can have the description of the site be in the side-wiki entry!
Informational sites:
  • Highlight Key information(example, Number Statistics(deaths, injuries, people involved)
  • Provide in-depth information on people and topics talked about on your site.
Security related websites:
  • Post information on sites that are potentially harmful to warn users and promote your products.

These are just some of my ideas of how to utilize side-wiki in positive ways. I want to hear from you, what are some ideas for what you could use side-wiki for?
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