Friday, December 11, 2009

Chrome OS Discussion

Google Chrome OS questions and discussion.
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Show notes and talking points:
Android, Chrome OS, JooJoo...What is an operating system? Why do we need them?
If all an OS does is load a browser, is it an OS?
Are we ready yet for browser-centric OS?
What's missing in Chrome OS? What are the limits of running everything out of the browser? Who's it for or not for?
What's special about Chrome OS?
Will chrome OS get apps?
Why does Google need its own OS
What's behind Google's OSes?
--motive: needle Microsoft? jump-start cloud computing? faster Web = more ads?
--What about Android? OS X as a mobile OS? WinMo, Symbian, etc?
Tactics of Chrome OS
--When it'll arrive: open-source code available now, arriving as a product only preinstalled on Netbooks for holiday season 2010.
--Google will build in technology that make this more than just today's browser--WebGL, Native Client, O3D, and various HTML5 elements. Mozilla and others are pushing this envelope.
--Google is scoping this narrowly as for Netbooks that are "companion PCs"--perhaps the primary machine but not the only machine. That makes it easier to declare victory, but also makes it a smaller victory. Smart overall.
--The programs run in the browser, not on the underlying Linux OS.
Gordon: What are enterprise users saying to you about this?
What about other lightweight operating systems
Outlook for Windows, OSX, Linux?
Next week, we're on at noon Pacific time. Topic is biggest stories of the year, with CNET Editor in Chief Scott Ard and Buzz Out Loud daily host Tom Merritt.

Click to Listen to "Reporters' Roundtable Podcast: Google Chrome OS "

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