Friday, December 11, 2009

3D Web is growing closer to reality

"3D graphics became ordinary first in games, then in operating systems, and on Thursday, it took a significant step toward being built into Web browsers as well.

The Khronos Group, which oversees the OpenGL graphics interface, announced that its work with Mozilla to bring hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the Web has reached draft standard form. The standard, called WebGL, lets programmers who use the Web's JavaScript language take advantage of the fact that video cards can handle 3D graphics with aplomb." - Deep Tech

The actual release date is a long way off, it is expected that they will have hardly a draft written up by 2010.

Google has also begun work into 3D web with a more finished product called O3D, a very cool plugin you can download.

Google chrome plans to support both O3D and WebGL. Google Chrome has O3D built in.

Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari plan to all support WebGL when it is created, it is unknown what Internet Explorer will do, Microsoft employees continue to say that Microsoft is very supportive of new standards.

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