Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hire a Geek

I've been known to help out people with their computer problems from time to time. So I thought I would inform everyone I am open for business, email me your tech problem and I will fix your computer for you, whatever problem you have. I will also as a bonus to what you ask me to do, install 2 free Anti-virus programs that are top notch(Optional).

My Rates are very competitive, way lower than Geek Squad, and lower than other tech repair shops!
If you find a coupon or ad for any computer repair company and bring it to me, I will do the same job that they would for LESS.

Geek Squad may be a leading company in repairing computers however their staff hardly know what they're doing, they burn off discs with a program on them that basically does what you paid them for. It's as simple as this, you ask them to install antivirus, setup your firewall for you, and optimized your computer, they simply insert the CD, select that you wanted your firewall setup antivirus installed and computer optimized, and they ignore your computer for about 15 minutes, come back and don't even check to see if what they did actually worked or not, they just pop the cd back out and hand your computer back to you after you hand them $210. That takes no technical knowledge at all, a monkey could do that and install and remove some of your hard drives for you.

I will give your computer my personal attention, your problem will be fixed or you will get your money back.

leave me a message if your interested in my services!

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