Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yes my term Googlopoly, it's definition is
Any company that creates a product similar to other existing products and offers it at no cost to the users, causing other companies to fail due to the difficulties of offering products for free.

 Google is a Googlopoly because, alot of their products like for example their google maps for android, is hurting other companies stocks because the product has almost all the same features and more that the competitors have, but for the lowest price possible, free!

I love google and I'm not going to bash them however I don't believe that this is the right thing to do, their slogan is "Don't be evil" I don't know but this kind of seems evil to me. I guess though it's kind of hard for a company of that size to not seem evil, but again they have a Googlopoly and it's not going to end because there are no laws against such a thing and you can't put laws against free it doesn't make sense!

Googlopolies are good and bad, almost equally good and bad. They are good because it causes competition to lower their prices, it also makes it so we can get great products free.
But it's bad because competitors can't make money, which knocks them out of business!

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