Friday, November 13, 2009

Google Wave - Waving

Okay so I've gotten a bunch of my friends onto Google Wave and I was waving with one of them earlier, I have to say waving is kind of a Fun way to message someone but I don't know that I would say it beats good old fashioned IMing yet, my biggest issue with Google wave is the fact that so far when you are writing a message on google wave it's kind of a pain in the but to just send a simple message, and reply back. What I mean is; in an IM conversation people can simply hit enter and their message is sent. Now really on google wave, you don't even need to hit enter, you can have multiple people on the same wave just typing and never even seperating their messages, and you can still see what they are typing as they are typing it. So that there is very cool however there needs to be a feature to hide what your typing as you type it because I don't know about you but I have a bad habit of sometimes typing what I'm thinking instead of what I actually send. So sometimes I change what I say as I'm entering it and what not, if you do that in wave the other people can actually see that so you cant do that.

My Favorite feature of Google Wave so far: my favorite feature definately is the google search feature, it sounds stupid, but to be able to be chatting with someone and put in pictures of what your talking about from within the conversation with almost no effort, is really cool and really useful, so far I've used it mostly for jokes but it can be used practically and efficiently.

In Google wave you can insert items from google searches web searches google books, google video search, and from image search. This feature is within google wave, you do the searching in the google wave platform itself and click one button and you can add the item directly into the conversation instantly it's really cool!

My View on Google wave is, it's a good thing it's still considered a developer preview, it's not ready for the general public it has some bugs nothing all that critical I don't think, but it's still not ready to be released publicly.

I gotta say I like google wave but I'm afraid it may be a failed attempt. it's a very interesting way of changing the way we communicate but it seems alot like a bulky version of instant messaging that is a little inconvenient. Only because of the issue with the messages being hard to send out quickly, because you can't just hit enter, you have to click a button or use a shortcut key.

I believe it has alot of uses, but it's uses are a little limited at this time.
If you have a google wave account let me know your wave address and I'll add you as a friend, thank you!

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