Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google Voice

Google Voice, is an alternative to your phone bill.

Google has recently created a free service called Google Voice, this service will allow users to have a new local phone number, called a Google voice number, this new number accepts texts, and phone calls and even comes with voicemail.

I've had an account for a long time and boy do I enjoy it!

Google Voice has two different account setups, you can choose to keep your existing phone number or go with a Google number.

I chose to use a google number. Everyone who opts to have a google number gets to have One number -- you can setup multiple phones to ring when someone calls your google number(Cell and home phones maybe?). Free texting, the ability to block and screen calls, record calls, and do conference calls, plus best of all all calling to US and Canada is free(long distance). Users who opt to have a google number get all the features that users without a google number have, but more!

Users who keep their phone number have less features but are not left out. They get Google Voicemail, which acts like email, voicemail transcription which allows you to recieve a text message or email with what was said in the voicemail, in text form, and Custom Voicemail Greetings.

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