Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Go and SPDY

Google is working on creating an alternative to HTTP called SPDY(Pronounced "Speedy")
Google isn't satisfied with making search instantaneous, they want the whole web to be instantaneous for everyone.

HTTP was designed to send single files fast, however more and more now days websites are filled with tons of images and tons of external javascripts, this makes loading a web page slow since each individual thing has to be started before the next thing can be loaded.

Google SPDY is designed to use SSL to transfer multiple files all at once, meaning everything on the page will load faster. Let's say you go on youtube, the flash video player is definitely what takes the longest to load. SPDY would download the files simultaneously, making the entire page for youtube download instantly and the video player may be trailing slightly behind.

It's faster but it's not likely to be used. Why? it uses SSL for ALL WEBSITES, not all web developers care to get certificates for their website. Besides the SSL part, how would you link to web pages using the new protocol? spdy://   it makes sense but it's not going to be used because browsers without spdy compatibility can't do anything with it.

So what's ""?
Go is Google's new programming language, designed to be fast, safe, concurrent, fun, and best of all Open Source.

Go's Mascot the GoGopher

For more information on Go check out the Go website

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