Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google Chrome OS

So if you don't know already, Google has been working on their own operating system.
Google's OS will be called Google Chrome OS, this is because it will be based upon the Google Chrome Web Browser.

So what you may be wondering is, what is so different or unique about this operating system that it gets talked about so much?

Two main things
  • It's going to be FREE
  • It's Going to be Light Weight
  • It's going to be a web browser(Sort of)
First of all Microsoft and Mac will need to watch out for the fact it's a free OS. Chrome OS will be made mostly for laptops but will also be available for desktop computers. This OS is incredibly lightweight and requires hardly anything reducing the costs of computers immensely, imagine going to best buy, walking through the laptops looking at their prices which are between 500-1000 dollars and suddenly spotting a desktop computer for 80-200 dollars! That's the Power of being free and lightweight.

Now when you read the part about it being a web browser you were probably like, "uh...okay..."
Well Google Chrome OS will be a web browser and an OS, basically all your programs will be web apps, you edit all your files online, you can store your files online, and also locally. The plan is basically to move programs you use on a daily basis like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and many others to the web. Why would you want to do this? because you can get to your files from anywhere, you can edit them anywhere, they're easier to share, and many other benefits like that it saves you space on your computer.

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