Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My Science teacher taught our class today about a program called BOINC, basically what boinc does is allow you to donate your computers processing power to research when your not using it.

Basically when you're away from your computer, and it's just running, BOINC will run and will perform calculations for research projects. You choose the research projects you want to support with BOINC.

A very interesting idea I think. I thought of this before, 1000 computers "networked" together to basically act like an incredible super computer.

Now one project you can aid is SETI(Search for Extraterrestrial something or other)

I'm also donating my computer cpu to

You can to, just click the link in the banner above

The program runs in the background on your computer and doesn't do anything while you are using your computer, but when you step away from your computer for awhile, it kicks in and begins computing numbers and things. I haven't even noticed any cpu spikes or anything from it

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